Setting up Remote X11

If you wish to run programs on the CEES machines, but display the outputs via X11 on your workstation, follow these descriptions for the type of workstation you have.
Linux/Solaris: login to the CEES machine using 'ssh -X <cees machine>'. The '-X' turns on the X11 forwarding.

MAC: open a terminal and login to the CEES machine using 'ssh -X <cees machine>'. If that doesn't work, try 'ssh -Y <cees machine>'.

Windows: this is much more complicated. You first need to run a X server on your Windows box before you login to the CEES machine using SecureCRT.
  • Download a X11 server from . Get the files xming-mesa and xming-fonts, and install them on your Windows machine. Run the server (it may start up as part of the install).
  • Start SecureCRT. In the sessions listing, right click on the CEES machine name, go to properties, and under 'Remote/X11', click the 'Forward X11 packets'. Click ok and then connect to the server.
  • Run the program as normal. When the program starts, it will open a window on your Windows box.