The CEES Grid is composed of two resource clusters, each with separate head nodes, separate compute nodes, separate Tool nodes, and a total of 3600 cores. They are located in different buildings, and do not share file systems. The Clusters can only be used by vested users; the Tool servers can be used by anyone in the Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.

2012 Cluster

Head node, compute nodes, and Tool nodes:
  148 compute nodes, Dual E5-2660 Intel cpus (8 cores, 2.2GHz 8.0GT/s 20mb 95W DDR3-1600)
  64 GB memory
  2 x 1TB disks (1.7TB /tmp)
  QDR infiniband port
Mellanox QDR 216 port InfiniBand Switch

2010 Cluster

Head node, compute nodes:
  150 compute nodes, Dual E5520 Intel cpus (4 cores, 2.26Ghz 5.86GT/s 8mb 80w 1066Mhz)
  24 GB memory
  500GB disk
  DDR infiniband port
Tool node:
  same as above, with 48 GB memory
Flextronics DDR 144 port Infiniband switch (switch121)
Flextronics DDR 48 port Infiniband switch (switch39)