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Education and training are critical for sustaining the center as an integral part of the school and university. Although a variety of courses in computational mathematics exist, not many of these emphasize Earth and environmental science. The center hopes to fill the growing gap between mathematics and the sciences through teaching and research opportunities in computational Earth sciences.

Useful Courses

  • ENERGY/CME 211: Introduction to Programming for Scientists and Engineers
  • ENERGY/CME 212: Advanced Programming for Scientists and Engineers
  • ENERGY/CME 213: Introduction to parallel computing using MPI, openMP, and CUDA
  • ENERGY/CME 214: Software Design in Modern Fortran for Scientists and Engineers
  • GEOPHYS 257: Introduction to Computational Earth Sciences

ICME Computational Geoscience Track (CompGeo)

The Computational Geoscience (CompGeo) Program is offered as a M.S degree track within the Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) to provide students the skills and knowledge required to develop efficient and robust numerical solutions to Earth Science problems using high-performance computing. For more information about the program please see the CompGeo website and ICME.