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Biondo Biondi

Pushing the frontiers of computational geoscience

Research computing at Stanford Earth integrates Earth science and computer science to build capacity in computational methods for the Earth and environmental sciences and enable new growth in areas where computational activities exist already. Combining a strong focus on scientific applications with state-of-the-art hardware and computational methods, faculty and students are able to push the frontiers of computational geoscience forward. We engage computer scientists and architects to design software and hardware better suited for Earth and environmental science problems.


Building a ‘billion sensors’ earthquake observatory with optical fibers

fiber optic loop mapThousands of miles of buried optical fibers crisscross California’s San Francisco Bay Area delivering high-speed internet and HD video to homes and businesses.

Biondo Biondi, a professor of geophysics at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, dreams of turning that dense network into an inexpensive “billion sensors” observatory for continuously monitoring and studying earthquakes.

High-frequency Rayleigh-wave tomography using traffic noise from Long Beach, California

SpectrogramUsing a dense seismic array in Long Beach, California, we have investigated the effectiveness of using traffic noise for passive subsurface imaging.

Jason Chang, Recent Graduate

Research DiagramThe ambient noise cross-correlation technique transforms ambient noise into coherent seismic signal.  Here, I apply the technique to noise recorded by a dense seismic array in Long Beach, CA. As an example, I cross-correlate the recordings from one station (depicted by the star) with all other stations in the array to produce a virtual source gather.  The wavefronts propagate away from the vital source location and correspond to Rayleigh waves traveling along the surface.  The information from these waves can be used for sub-surface imaging.  Access to this data set couresy of NodalSeismic on behalf of Signal Hill Petroleum.