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CEES is the center for Computational Earth and Environmental Sciences, which provides a variety of high-performance computing (HPC) resources to support the Stanford Earth research community in performing world-renowned research.

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Our Mission

To advance research and scholarship by providing access to high-end computing, training, and advanced technical support in an inclusive community at Stanford Earth.


Computational resources that are available to the Stanford Earth research community include cluster-computing, interactive compute nodes, GPU computation, memory-intensive nodes, data storage, and more. See examples below:

  • Mazama HPC cluster (~150 nodes )
  • RCF HPC cluster (~150 nodes)
  • Mazama and RCF "Tool-Server" CPU and GPU compute nodes
  • Sherlock SERC HPC partition (24 dedicated nodes, 192/384 GB Memory, 24 cores)
  • Sherlock (University) HPC cluster
  • Cloud Compute Resources (e.g. Google Earth Engine & Cloud Platform)